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Name is Schoffal @ Charles Moiji. Known as nenet among his villagers. Made in the 80s. Same age with his younger sister on every January 22nd for 24 hours. Started his education since 1989. Continues his study in high school level in 2001. Graduated Diploma in Computer Science. Fans of Manchester United FC and David Beckham. Love music, love Guitar, love to sing, love photography, love the lomography, love his family, love his friends and love Jesus. Friendly but hate the liars. Proud to be a Catholic. About 1% of his relatives said he is nerd. Having friends more than a thousand but always forget their name. Mission is to success in life. Vision is to replace Prime Minister of Malaysia lol.

The Greatest story
~Sandakan Silver medalist Kata of KarateDo in 1994.
~Sandakan Silver medalist Kumite of KarateDo in 1994.
~Sabah Karate Do Tournament in 1995.
~Sandakan Champion Winner Dikir Barat 2000.
~Sabah 1st runner up for Dikir Barat 2000.
~Sandakan 1st runner up for Sayembara Puisi 2000.
~Handball team captain for Sabah, Malaysia in 2000.
~Chef of Welfare unit for Malaysian IPT Xiang Xi in 2002.
~Malaysian Delegates for Asian Youth Day 2010 in Philippines.
~Nominated for Shorty Awards the best social media for photography in 2012.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The world without a sin

The Serpent, "slyer than every beast of the field," tempts the woman to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her that it will make her more like God, and that it will not lead to death. After some thought, the woman decides to take from the tree and eat it. She then gives the fruit to the man, who eats also, "and the eyes of the two of them were opened."

Monday, February 20, 2012


Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

Last Sunday, immediately after I woke up from sleep around 8am, usually I would find my blackberry to check the time and also the twitter timeline. Opened the Ubersocial then I felt very shocked about the news of Whitney Houston was found dead. It's a retweeted news from my friend Wagner in KL. At first, I still couldn't believe it. Directly, I checked the link attached. It is a breaking news from USAToday. They still don't know where the place that Whitney was found dead. And it was confirmed. I check the time of the news released, It's 17 minutes ago. I pushed and tweet the news to others. Afternoon, around 1-2pm timeline full with this news.

Whitney Houston wasn't popular among the people here. But, in the US and Europe, she was famous and popular among the people and the celebrity as well. Talking about her, I start to know her through the movie "The Bodyguard". The story about a former Secret Service agent who takes on the job of bodyguard to a pop singer, whose lifestyle is most unlike a President's. There are two celebrities I knew from this movie, Whitney and Kevin Costner. Both of them are so famous with this story "The Bodyguard".

Sam Tsui is the greatest singer on YouTube. He's very famous with album covering. After a few days of Whitney death, Sam Tsui makes his clip tribute to Whitney which has been uploaded today. This what I'm waiting for since I knew that "I will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston is the most famous song in 1993-1994 OST for "The Bodyguard". This song won for Grammy Awards on 1994. The 54th annual Grammy Awards were held on yesterday in the shadow of the death of musical great Whitney Houston. Performers and presenters gave tributes to Houston between celebrations of this year’s winners. Take a look of this video by Sam Tsui. Whitney Whitney Houston Tribute - I Will Always Love You (Sam Tsui).

#The awkward, Whitney Houston died at Beverly Hilton Hotel. Emm.. Grammy - Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Valentines Day

This is the day. The day of LOVE everywhere.


I've just read this story by my beauty girl Sherlyn Ho about the Valentines Day on her views. My name was included! I like! It is so interesting to read it. Simple but cool. Love it. That is the real "cool" means for. Bravo!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

54th Grammy Awards

This is the year of Adele
~Album of the Year~
~Record of the Year~
~Song of the Year~
~Pop Solo Performance~
~Pop Vocal Album~

Adele, wearing a custom black Armani gown and a 12.4 carat diamond ring, accepts the award for best pop solo performance for "Someone Like You."
(Matt Sayles / AP)

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters perform their Grammy nominated song “Walk” outside the Staples Center.
(Chris Pizzello / AP)

Wow!! She looks amazing.

Country star Taylor Swift poses in a high-necked Zuhair Murad gown at the Grammys.
(Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

This is the real performer. That's why I like her.

Taylor Swift performs “Mean” at the Grammys.
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images)


Bruno Mars performs "Runaway Baby" and tells the audience to have some fun during his set.
(Matt Sayles / AP)

This is scary. Gaga seems not interested with them. Gosh, she looks like a devil. This is totally scary. Miranda Lambert, I know her through her song "Only Prettier". The man beside her, I've seen him in the Voice.

Lady Gaga, left, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sit in the audience during the Grammys. (Larry Busacca / Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj ~ I never know her. Who she is? But, her appearance was very unique. I've seen this character before. But forgot what movie is. Who is that man dressed like a pope? This is awkward

Singer Nicki Minaj shows off her Versace gown on the Grammys red carpet with a man dressed as a pope.
(Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

Singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and his girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, pose on the red carpet at the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, in Los Angeles. (Joe Klamar / AFP - Getty Images)

Whitney Houston ~ The audience applauds as singer Whitney Houston, who died on Saturday, Feb. 11, is shown in a 1994 Grammy performance during the 54th annual Grammy Awards. (Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

The Beach Boys ~ Since I heard this group name, at first I thought this band was a Japan's band. But, I'm wondering this band's name always labeled on the back of the song titled Cotton Fields. This song is pretty famous for people who craziest with karaoke. Now, the appearance of them is this 54th Grammy Awards 2012 has been answering all my questions.

The Beach Boys perform “Good Vibrations,” their first live performance in more than two decades. After the set, Brian Wilson said, "It was a different experience, and it was a thrill for me. Just being on stage together gives us a chance to express ourselves vocally and instrumentally." (Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

This is mine #ProjectAwesome2012

This is mine. Taken yesterday with my buddy's iPhone. Finally, send this pic to the #ProjectAwesome2012.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspirational Videos - Strangers


I got this link from my beauty sister Sherlyn Ho. Im so speechless when watching this video clip telling about the story of Jesus. How Jesus meets His follower, how He was betrayed, how He was crucified and the resurrection of Him. The story has been sorting through twitter's interface and it's totally impressive. It's kind a like that, Jesus is still alive at this time :-) The clip is really really touching me. I can feel Him anywhere. I miss Him so much.

To those who got a twitter account, please spread this to your follower, to your friend, to your family, to your enemy and to the world. Let's together we trend this if you really love Jesus. Now, technology is a part of evangelize.



"So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God," ~ 2 Timothy 1:8

Follow from ignitermedia on


Here is my artwork for the #ProjectAwesome2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've just started using the counter for counting visitors. Two years never count my blog visitors.

The moments of YLC 2012 (Partly)

YLC 2012

YLC stands for Youth Leadership Camp 2012. The program started hari tu. Yang hari tu minggu lepas.. Hari khamis. Hari ampat. I love you. Dari Sarah Joan Liew. Debilang. (The program started on last Thursday 2nd Feb 2012)

The image below is some of the organizing team. Big hands to them. What a great job and wonderful success.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is everywhere.

Even though we have so many weaknesses, but we are still beautiful in the eyes of others.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My cousin Leonie is getting married!!

Yeahh.. Finally, I got it. She's getting married soon.. Happy to know it.

To us my sibling. Sad that Bibie & Kelvin can't join us. They are studying in Johor & KL. Mom & dad also got one..

Luther, you are such a good guy. Hope, you take a good care of her. To both of you, have a wonderful life & love as well. Wishing you a love that grows day after day and year after year. The perfect marriage begins when each partner believe they got better than they deserves.


A lot of love to both of you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Traffic fine



I pay RM100 after I couldn't find parking spot around Menara MPS in Sandakan. Decided to double park is terribly wrong. Even for 5 minutes!.. Haiya! Please don't do this at Town.


Discovering the tilt technique in photography

Still making my research about tilt concept in photography. Interesting technique. The subject almost like a model toys. Take a look at my first project.

People who are late, can't be trusted

Time is 2.30am. Feeling not very comfortable now. Sounds like there are an activities outside of my house. It looks so suspicious. I went down and checked through the windows, the cars is still there. Gate still close. Living room looks okay. Kitchen is clear. But,




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